"You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."
- Buddha (via feellng)

Earth Is My Witness


'At the dawn of his enlightenment, someone asked the Buddha, “What are your credentials? How do we know that you are enlightened?” He touched his hand to the ground, “This solid earth is my witness. This solid earth, this sane earth, is my witness.” Sane and solid and definite, no imaginings, no…

"Even the gods delight in the presence of one who has freed himself from pride and mental obsessions, who has his senses under control, like horses trained by an expert trainer."
- The Dhammapada - Chapter 7 (The Arahant), Verse 5

Translated by: Ananda Maitreya (via culturejolt)
"يعرف المرء على حقيقته من ثلاث امور, وهذا من حيث تعامله مع الناس, وتعامله بالأموال, ويعرف اخيراً عندما تسافرا معاً
You never truly know someone until you know three things about him: How he deals with his neighbors, how he deals with his finances with others, and how he acts when you travel with him."
- Arabic Wisdom (via arabswagger)

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Imma make it through the rest of my school career on my own and I’m just going to do whatever I have to do on my own.

Never again in my life will u ever give 2 ducks about another person besides myself.